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Our vision is to provide high class academic and clinical education to those who seek to practice homoeopathy professionally. It is a premier institute in the field of homoeopathic education. It endeavors to simplify the science of homoeopathy through a uniquely designed and highly effective syllabus. Our learning processes inculcate the qualities of observation, analysis, integrity and compassion in our doctors which allows personal as well as an academic evolution

The main object of this institute are to provide for and to propagate education and research in the field of Homoeopathy and to collect and disseminate in such fields effective ideas, methods, techniques and information science and treatment in India. Its aims are to produce able Homoeopathy to serve the cause of humanity.

Homoeopathy is an internationally accepted system of medicine and is being practiced India for more then 150 years. It has officially been recognized by Govt. of India in 1973 through the parliament by enacting Central Council of Homoeopathy Act, 1973. It was deciding that the Indian system of medicine including Homoeopathy should contribute towards the development of National Health Service in the country.

Samuel Hahnemann

About Homeopathy

Homoeopathy is a science of dynamised micro-Immnunology based on the law of Analogy. It is the System of Medicine which works on the principle of 'Like Cures Like' (Similia Similibus Curanter).This system of therapeutics is internationally accepted and is being practised in India through Homoeopathy Central Council Act 1973 passed by the Parliament of India

This system of holistic healing was founded by Dr.Samuel Hahnemann, a German physician. After his personal experience and experiment with Cinchona Bark and malarial fever Dr. Hahnemann profoundly experimented. The theory behind the working of Homeopathy is that the body of every human being contains a vital force within the body which regulates the functioning of the body. Due to reasons such as heredity, environmental conditions, stress etc, this vital force weakens & cause disease. So, disease is nothing but a complex of certain symptoms observed in the human body. Homoeopathic medicines are given in a very low dosage. The process of making such low dilutions is called as 'Potentisation'. While the medicines may contain so less of the substance that it cannot be detected in a lab, it has been proved that these medicines are highly effective. The findings of Proving of Homoeopathic Medicine on healthy individuals are contained in a book - 'Materia Medica'. Homoeopathic doctors rely on the Materia Medica as the authority for it contains not empty theories, but details of symptoms which were experienced by hundreds of provers. It is thus a system based on sound principles and as a result of solid experiments. Homeopathy is the best way to cure both acute and chronic diseases from slightest of Fever, Cough, Cold to Asthma, Skin Diseases & Cancers; all these are not only just curable but the cure is mild (without side effects) and permanent.

Homoeopathy uses an array of medicines whose source ranges from animals to plants and chemicals. Plants like Onion (Allium),Capsicum, Belladonna, Cactus, etc are used for preparation of homoeopathic medicines. A large number of chemicals like Nitric acid, Arsenious acid, Iron, Phosphorous are popular homoeopathic remedies. There are also a large number of animal sourced medicines like Naja & Lachesis which are snake poisons. Medicines are also prepared from substance like milk (Lac def) and sand (Silica). The products of diseases are used to prepare homoeopathic medicines called as nosodes. These nosodes include Carcinosin (prepared from the cancer cells), Tuberculinum (prepared from the cells of the lungs of cow infected by tuberculosis). The process of preparing homeopathic medicines ensures that they are diluted such that they lose their original form and are rendered harmless.

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